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Go into the Danger Zone alone or with friends and collect loot! Just destroy containers and pick up various items to sell. Scavenge what you can find!

Watch out! Once you leave the Safe Zone other player will be able to eliminate you! If you die you will drop all your collected items. 

Once you think you have enough loot you must return to the trader at the bar and sell your items. The trader will give you money in exchange for the items. is an epic multiplayer io game abcya in which you must fight against hundreds of other players from around the world for your very survival! You start in the safe zone – as the name implies, this area is safe and you cannot be harmed here – you must however venture outside the safe zone and attempt to gather supplies and scavenge materials to sell for cash.

In this abcya games, you can then use the cash to purchase new items and weapons which will help your survival and improve your status as a trader. Watch out for other players outside the safe zone as they will attempt to ambush and kill you to steal your goods! Be sure to dish out the damage first before they have a chance to strike! Can you become a master scavenger and rule this barren wasteland?

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You get leaderboard points for:

  • Destroying containers
  • Killing other players
  • Standing in the special capture zone
  • Destroying turrets


  • Take a role of a scavenger with a mission to scavenge various things and become the strongest
  • Top-down view
  • Big area to explore
  • Fun and challenging gameplay Strategy


  • Lookout for airdrops. They drop good loot and they drop rarely. You will see an indicator that will lead you to the location.
  • Use your mouse and move it towards the edge of your screen to see further. Sometimes you can spot players before they see you.
  • Use sneak to ambush other players or to lose players that are after you.
  • Level the trader by bringing him items he wants. When you level the trader he will sell you better equipment.
  • When you die you lose all your items and a percentage of your points BUT not your trader level and money.
  • Upgade your weapons to have a better chance at eliminating other players.
  • Listen to where sound comes from. Might be an easy payday or a good reason to stay clear of that location.

Game controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Shift to run
  • Q to open map
  • E to interact
  • C to enter stealth mode
  • T to chat
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