Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss

Date added: 02/08/2018

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WHACK YOUR BOSS. WHACK HIM, JUST WHACK HIM AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Or, alternatively, whack your computer.

Play Whack Your Boss game on abcya online! How many times your boss made you angry? It's the time to whack him and show him who's the real boss! Whack Your Boss is free and no registration needed!

This abcya4 free game lets you get out all your inner frustration about your workplace by torturing your boss in different ways. Can you find all 7 ways of whacking him?

Annoying boss is getting on your nerves again? Don't worry. Just wait till he walks out of the office and start playing "Whack Your Boss"! The challenge of the game is to find 24 ways to whack your boss, thus you can let out all your anger. Click on objects in the office to use them as weapon and to make some crazy things with it. This is a virtual place to whack your boss.

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Have fun with this cool game and finally Whack Your Boss!

Game controls:

Left click to choose an object.

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