Whack The Serial Killer

Whack The Serial Killer

Date added: 06/09/2018

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As the girl was walking around the neighborhood with her cute dog, suddenly a crazy serial killer attacked her! He took the girl and her dog to torture her in a creepy basement full of bloody tools. Luckily, she was able to untie herself free and the killer was too busy to notice. What should she do in this situation? Imagine if you are the girl, will you be brave enough to smack the killer and escape?

In Whack The Killer online game, the only way to survive the scary killer is to whack him! When you first entered this horror point-and-click game from abcya 4, you might be a little overwhelmed due to the dark graphics and scary design. You will have to find all kinds of ways to kill the masked maniac. Grab anything within your reach such as an electric chair, an ax or shoot him with a shotgun. A girl has to use all that she can to survive the killer!

The fun part is that there are a total of 14 ways that you can use to defeat the killer. Do you think that you can find all 14 ways to whack the serial killer? At the first glance, the game seems scary with its unique theme, however, as you play it, you will have so much fun. More and more games like this will be added to the collection at http://www.abcya.games/, so don't hesitate to try them out!

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Game controls:

Interact using the left mouse.

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