Whack the Creeps

Whack the Creeps

Date added: 12/10/2017

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Whack the Creeps is all about getting your own back on some sleazy guys who are harassing you in a bar on a night out. Can you find all 19 ways to make the creeps pay for their behaviour?

Lisa, Patrick's girlfriend, is getting harassed on a night out in a bar in Stockholm. Lisa takes action and calls security. Get ready to Whack the Creeps! Note that the Android version of the game has been suspended from the Play Store for 'Excessive Violence', you can still download it by following the instructions here.

You are stuck in a Swedish bar with some disgusting guys who now haunt you. Search the room for items to defend yourself, whereby each object has its own way of barbarous punishment for the nasty men. Try to find all ways to Whack the Creeps in the newest installment of popular whacking game. Much fun at http://www.abcya.games/!

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