Transmorpher 2

Transmorpher 2

Date added: 25/09/2018

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The evil doctor has kidnapped the three transmorphers! Unfortunately, he trapped them in an alien lab. The only way out is to overcome all the evil guards who have many deadly weapons in the lab. Will they be able to escape? It depends on your help! Your task is to help them to escape in this sequel to Transmorpher. This abcya 4 game is a fun-addicting game with the platform theme and a lot of cute aliens.

On your way to freedom, you need to absorb each and every power dots to achieve the higher forms. Each of the forms has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you can transform, you have a higher chance of overcoming the obstacles and the guards. The best players will know how to take advantage of these transformations. It's also very crucial that you pay attention to all dreadful traps on the way.

Pick up lots of green blobs and stars along the way and you will be able to fill the green energy bar. Don't let the energy bar run out or the game is over! The game is available for free at so that the players of all ages can enjoy it. You will need the flexible movement and smart tactics to break out of this scary lab and keep your little friends safe. Finish all the tasks and don't miss out on the other challenging games like Combat 5 and Idle Miners

Game controls:

 Use the arrows or the mouse to move the character and to jump.

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