The 12 Fighters 2

The 12 Fighters 2

Date added: 09/01/2018

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Play The 12 Fighters 2. Fantastic fighting abcyagame in the style of the classic Street Fighter in which we'll be able to participate in different tournaments with another player or bet against the other characters in this abcya game.

Improve your Martial Arts knowledge and your performances in order to be able to confront any fighter. Each time you win a fight you gain experience points. Then you should choose which abilities you wish to upgrade between these: Stamina, Strength, Ki, Damage Resistance, Guarding and Money.

Bounty Fighting -
Bets Fighting Mode -
Martial Arts School Mode -

Single player mode:
Arrow keys: up, down, left, right
High speed moves: x
Punches: c
Kicks: d
1 vs 2 player mode:
(Player 1 first player 2 second)
left: j left: #1
down: k down: #2
right: l right: #3
up: i up: #5
Special moves: x Special Moves: left
Shrot attacks: c Short attacks: down
Long attacks: v Long attacks: right

Enjoy with

Game controls:

How to play: control your character with arrow keys and the keys that you choose in the settings.

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