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Speed Racer game at abcya free game online is all about being cautious in driving too fast. This is a high-octane adventure of a speed racer. Hurtling down the track, careening around, over and through the competition. This's a fearless racer's track! Are you ready for a crazy race?


The game is a racing game in the vein of the F-Zero series, including tracks full of odd twists, turns and loops impossible by realistic standards, set in five vibrant, exotic locations. The goal of the game at abcya2 game is not only to win first place in each race, but also to have the most points by the end of the cup to win the competition. 


The race will take place in an oval track and after passing with the other racer which is driving in the opposite side, the speed will increase little by little. You need to be careful with swerving or else you might crash to the other car. Take the challenge or compete with your friends in a two player mode!


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Game controls:


Use the direction keys to play this game

Press Shift to Jump

Press Spacebar to Choose weapon

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