Rpg Rider

Rpg Rider

Date added: 30/11/2017

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RPG Rider is and action motocross game where you get to choose between either an ATV or a Motorcycle. You must make your way over hills and jumps and pull off some massive air time, flips and tricks. Try to position the bike right when you come down because if not you lose a life and after three lives its abcya free game over.

Roll with your bike and increase adrenaline, while jumping over slippery obstacles. Be fast as the wind and take the risk to perform catchy back flips and front flips. Use the arrow keys to navigate. Press up arrow key to accelerate and go forwards back arrow to go backwards and left/ right arrow keys to lean bikes body to the left/ right and thus help your rider perform an outstanding flip or avoid an accident. Fly high in sky to make a big air and earn more points. Levels are becoming harder to ride, but that means nothing to you, because youre best in your rang. You have three lives at the disposal, try not to lose any, thus make best final score. Wishing you luck!

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Game controls:

Arrow keys to steer and X to rotate
SPACE - Reset
CTRL - Scroll
SHIFT - Quickdraw

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