Motor Beast

Motor Beast

Date added: 15/01/2018

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Get ready to dust off that old classic car and blaze a trail through each level. Crush cars, break through houses, wooden boxes and barriers, and make it to the garage before your vehicle gets too banged up. At the garage, you can repair any damage to the car and purchase upgrades to use in the next round.

Extra points are awarded for performing tricks, stunts, flips, wheelies, and jumps. Damage is clearly shown on the car, including missing bodywork and bouncing tires. In the game of abcya, collect coins by breaking more stuff which gets added to your points total. There are a number of well crafted levels with many different types of landscape designs and obstacle setups. 

Hop in your Motor Beast, turn the engine on and drive it in highspeed across the difficult track. Along the way you have to crash through obstacles, houses and other objects. Do stunts while you try to catch coins, which you can use to upgrade your awesome Monster Truck. Much fun at!

Game controls:

Controls: Use arrow keys to move your car or the W, A, S and D keys. The accelerator can be controlled with W or up arrow key.

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