Min Hero: Tower of Sages

Min Hero: Tower of Sages

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Min Hero: Tower of Sages is a RPG strategy game, inspired by Pokemon in which you are a trainer who trains your beastly mini minions and send them out to the battles. You must become the Grand Sage and train Titans, but first you need to have 6 Sage Seals to prove you have what it takes to wield a Titan. Interact with NPCs that you meed on the way to find out what you need to do and where you have to come.

At abcya 2, you choose one from three given missions including I rescued them, They were a gift and I’m not telling you. After that you enter the battlefield. There, you must defeat all 3 students for their keys to the Minor Sage’s Room. If you win, they will give their keys for you. Each minion has its own abilities and skills, and you can upgrade them to be more powerful. When battling, the red bar at the top of each minion’s head shows how much health a minion has. Choose a move to attack the minions of your opponent to make their health bar drop to 0.

It means you win and you keep your journey continuing. Along the adventure of becoming a grand sage, you can collect new minions and also upgrade them, send them to the battles. Remember to choose attacks wisely to knock out all opponents as fast as you can because your opponents are also strong. Be careful and good luck! You can find tons of fun games which are updated regularly at http://www.abcya.games/ such as Transmorpher 2 and Super Bomb Bugs

Game controls:

Use your mouse to choose attack, Arrow keys or WASD to move, and spacebar to interact w

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