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Carriage always contains the difficulties that players need to overcome in the game Killawatt at abcya 5. The cargo will be loaded on the truck and the task is very important that you align them in the most balanced way possible. The total number of points you earn in 3 minutes through the game is continually updated. Share with your friends and host a competition to see who will win the highest score in your shipping today.

Your truck will carry huge cargo volumes. Corresponding to each box, you will get different points if you put them on the truck. On the contrary, the goods falling, you will lose points corresponding to the box. So, this is a special challenge for you. See the total number of shipments that you carry in 3 minutes. Do not drop them if you want to get the highest score. You have 5 chances to drop the item before the game ends. Take advantage of them and be careful in moving. Placing boxes to keep them balanced and stacking as much as possible at regular intervals will be more difficult than ever. You can complete your missions in this game at

The cargo boxes will move in different directions and in separate locations. So, position them precisely to place boxes in the truck and get the highest score in this online game. We help players take part in various transportation games with different content and tasks. Unlock the game with your abilities in the 3-minute interval. Surely you will love this great game and other games such as 2048 Classic Edition and Halloween Slide Puzzle. Sure you will feel relaxed after every work and study stress. Choose your game and start discovering right now!

Game controls:

Left click after determining the best position for your cart

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