Jumper Minion

Jumper Minion

Date added: 09/05/2017

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Jumper Minion is an online mobile game presented by abcya free, the html5 game is playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the girl game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Samsung, Huawei and all Android devices).

Minion is jumping in outer space, please help him to jump on the platforms and try to get the high score. Tap a platform to make Minion jump on it. 

Minions - funny creatures from the movie, who constantly get into various scrapes or on your own, or drawn into the adventure of Mr. Grew. But this mignon special and decided to become the first minion, which set a record in the high jump in the open space. To do this, he found a place in the galaxy where a large number of fixed platforms - the perfect place to set a record. But he needed an assistant who will guide its movement in the abcya 4 game Jumper Minion. We offer you to become his assistant and witness this incredible event.

But for this you have to work hard, protecting your minion from falling after a jump. Jumping will run continuously and need to have time to send your hero in the best abcya game Minion Jump to the next platform. To do this, use your mouse with the left mouse button, moving the cursor in the desired direction. Gradually jumping will become stronger and land on another platform will not be easy, because you need to have time to send it in the right direction. Very soon EP accelerate to a very great height, and the platform will be virtually merge into one, and at this point recovery will occur only on your instinct. One wrong action and play Jumper Minion will be finished and you will see the result, which can always try to beat, starting his jumping from the outset.

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