How to raise a dragon

How to raise a dragon

Date added: 27/06/2018

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There is a movie called How to train a dragon which is famous. Using the same idea of the dragons, Abcya 2018 brings a new game: How to Raise a Dragon to allow you to raise a dragon as it hatches from its egg! You will play the role of the guardian of the dragon and help it grow into a strong and beautiful magical creature.

This is a game with pixel graphics and 2D design, along with the simulation platform. It takes you through different stages of the dragon's development and growth. In order to make sure that the dragon reaches its full potential, you need to unlock all abilities such as breathing fire and flying.

The dragon is yours and it can be turned into whatever you want. That's why all players need to make the choice of becoming a tyrant dragon that will destroy the town in Abcya 5 or a friendly dragon to use its magic to save the world? It's all up to you! For new players, there is an explanation and the full story in every stage of development so that you can grasp the progress.

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Game controls:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, Z to jump, click twice for a double jump, Z and down arrow key to ascend and X to eat the food.

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