Hot Shot Assassin

Hot Shot Assassin

Date added: 06/07/2018

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Grab your sniper rifle and check what a Hot Shot Assassin you are! As the sexy, skilled blonde killer you have to take out and shoot your assigned targets accurately and in best time to get the best score.

What's cooler than a busty mercenary with a sniper rifle bigger than her and a long list of inner city contracts? Umm, well, probably the night-vision scopes, the long range bullets, and the clones wandering the streets just waiting to get picked off. Don't feel bad for your hits. In addition to being mindless clones, they are also cooking supply thieves. So shoot them down, and take back the spatula!

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Much fun!

Game controls:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Use the N key for Nightvision. Use the S key for the silencer.

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