Ghost Hacker 2

Ghost Hacker 2

Date added: 27/09/2018

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The hacker is back with Ghost hacker 2 online game from abcya play! We need a professional IT staff to help us build up the defense towers. These towers will be the method to protect our data from the scary hacker. Do you have the necessary skills to wipe out the bugs and dark programs? When you try out this second version of the famous defense game at, you will experience the most elaborated program network.

Not only will you be able to build various towers to stop all invaders but you also need to break into the Ghost Quarantine as well. By building a strong and close network with your towers, your data core will be safe from the incoming attacks. However, the hardest part is to find the perfect location to place the chips and the towers. There are a few vulnerable spots on the map that you should avoid. Another tip is that you should build a close network by placing the towers around the core. Despite this being a defense game, players of all ages can try it out and have fun in their free time.

Do you like the unique concept of the abcya 5 game? This fun game comes with the special graphics and the glowing lines of the electric and data. Fans of AI games will definitely fall in love with it. Don't hesitate to join the other games like Ludo, Magicians and solve all the puzzles!

Game controls:

Place and move the towers using the left mouse.

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