Fynsy Safes The Cupid

Fynsy Safes The Cupid

Date added: 23/03/2018

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Fynsy is one of the needed heroes for this hard times because even if the love has floating into the air until a moment in the recent past, right now, everybody who is in love but can't admit it

We all know how Evil Queen doesn't like holidays at Abcya.games. Especially the day when love is in the air! So Nasty decided to ruining people's lives and destroy the st. Valentine's Day! She came up with crafty and sneaky plan – she decided to put a spell on Cupid! All couples have started to swear!!! It’s horrible! But Fynsy decided to save Cupid and she needs your help! You have to go through the 4 puzzles, after you solve each of them, and you’ll get the key.

Each key opens the lock on the lattice, where Cupid is. Get all the keys, and you could release him, and people be open to falling in love again, and everyone will be happy! We can't waste time! Fynsy is waiting for your help. Lets start!

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Game controls:

Click and drag the objects with your mouse.

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