Frozen Candy

Frozen Candy

Date added: 25/04/2017

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Frozen Candy - Ice Jelly Boom is a fun match 3 mania where you discover some amazing icy treats and frozen candies along the journey with 900 arctic levels. Eye catching blast powers and combos to help you out in your quest to reach the top of the frozen kingdom.

Enjoy the fun frozen treats and gift items hidden across the ice lands in your quest. The ice mountains and glaciers take you on a ice cream treat journey where you take the help of the ice princess to help the snowman complete his target. The queen ice beauty will help you in collecting and giving you special powers along the ice temple journey.

Help the ice princess to destroy the evil ice wizard who has blocked the snowman from reaching his home. Help the snowman reach his ice temple using his ice truck beating the ice wizard in this crazy frozen match 3 adventure.

Win some amazing Ice magic gifts and goodies as you progress through the levels. You will discover some cool powers that will help you go through the levels and reach the targets in a super fun way :). Get some ice dance going with this game abcya 4  as this takes you around the mountains and glaciers and heavy snow from the ice magic world.

- 900 Crazy fun & addictive ice jamming levels
- Discover hidden treats and adventures across the Ice king’s kingdom.
- Soothing ice ice music to enjoy every minute of your ice adventure.
- Powerful boosters: Ice Jam, Ice Breaker, Frozen Explosion, Ultimate Color candy
- Ice factory level challenges and star challenges to gift you freebies every milestone.
- Bright and colorful combo blasts and effects to make your adventure more colorful.
- Various obstacles and enemies along the ice ice adventure.

★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★
- Swipe the items to make a match 3 to get a small Ice explosion.
- Match 4 to get horizontal or vertical blast Ice power.
- Match 5 to get Ultimate Rainbow color candy.
- Mix any of the powers to discover some super amazing powers.
- Every level earns you free coins and hearts
- Buy additional frozen powers and boosters from the ice shop.
- Beat the evil ice wizard to be crowned as the ice king of the ice temple.

★ ★ BOOSTERS ★ ★
- Ice Jam: Match 4 items in a row or column to get this power. This is used to blast a row or column.
- Ice Breaker: Match any item color in a T or L shape to get this power. This power can be used to blast both row and column. 
- Ice Magic: Combine Ice jam and ice breaker to get Ice magic mania , which multiplies the effect of each power to discover super amazing powers.
- Rainbow Ultimate candy: Match 5 at a time to get this power to destroy all items of same color at once.

Frozen Candy is a Christmas themed match 3 puzzle game at Help the santa troll to shoot all iced drops down. Control the canone and do accurate shots to match at least three or more candies of the same color. Enjoy this sweet fun.

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