Famous Paintings Parodies: Memory Tiles

Famous Paintings Parodies: Memory Tiles

Date added: 29/06/2018

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If you have heard of the series, check out Famous Paintings Parodies: Memory Tiles - another spin-off in the Famous Paintings Parodies Series. This is a memory game from Abcya online 2018in which your short-term memory will be put to test!

Your ultimate mission is to make use of your memory, keep track of all the pictures. For each time you choose to flip, you can take a look at two pictures only. Then, you need to attempt to match the photos which are alike and remember where they are placed on a series of tiles. It takes some time to flip and remember all the pictures due to the fact that the number of the cards increases through the level.

Moreover, lots of the pictures have the mosaic theme, therefore it can be really hard to distinguish one from another. The main theme of the pictures is a cat so be prepared to look at various funny cat paintings! Abcya 5 game adds this feature to make sure that the players can enjoy the funny characters.

You must work fast and summon all of your brain energy to complete each challenge! Bear in mind that your guess amount is counted and it will be used for ranking later, so try to complete the task using the least guess possible. http://www.abcya.games has lots of adorable characters in the games like Rolly Vortex and Dominoes Multiplayer

Game controls:

Use the left mouse to choose and match the tiles.

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