Dragon Trainee

Dragon Trainee

Date added: 18/10/2017

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Have you ever dreamed of having a dragon and training it yourself? Well here is your chance to train your own dragon! The first step to training a dragon is to dress it up however you want. It is your dragon after all, so it should look like how you would want it to look. After you dress up your dragon, take it for a ride in the sky to visit your school. Your classmates will be so jealous of you new dragon!

When it comes to dragon training, don't forget the fashion! Purple tails, orange spikes, blood red tongues and too cute horns are important accessories for any ferocious dragon!

Change the colors and features of this adorable dragon, reminiscent of a Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon. You can even dress him/her up!

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Game controls:

Use your mouse to select color, horn, wings, tail and more.

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