Downhill Snowboarding

Downhill Snowboarding

Date added: 20/10/2017

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Downhill Snowboarding is a online game that you can play on for free. Want to skating but don't have chance? Now you can achieve it! This is a exciting downhill snowboard game, the lane is a long iced hill. Be the fastest man! 

Downhill Snowboarding is physics-based game with 7 different slops. Pick a drop point and start the race. Wait until you have enough speed, then jump with arrow up and rotate with arrow left/right. Grab your snowboard with S and A. Have fun with downhill snowboarding and don't forget rule number 1: Don't break a leg!


Game controls:

How to play Downhill Snowboard

Left/Right = Rotate

Up = Jump

A/S = Grab

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