Doodieman Voodoo

Doodieman Voodoo

Date added: 28/06/2018

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Are you mad at someone? Are you looking for a place to lash out all the anger? With such idea in mind, abcya 4 online brings you the latest game: Doodieman Voodoo to allow you to destress! Simply name that voodoo doll after the person of your anger and start bullying it in the insanely fun game from the Doodieman wrecking series.

This game has gained the love of so many players thanks to the fact that it is an awesome and hilarious arcade game in which you must help the Doodieman shoot poop at a voodoo doll! All you have to do in this weird but funny game is to click on the numbers 1 - 10 to fulfill the magical spell. You can go on attacking the doll for as long as you like. The spell is the feature which makes the game super fun and creative.

Just choose a different number set and you will create a new spell! You can spread your imagination and have lots of fun with this incredible free abcya game. A tip for the new players is that you can crush your opponent by pushing them out the screen or setting up a trap which shoots at them or smashes them.

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