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The simulation game genre is one of the new genres with the totally different gameplay and movement control keys. Unlike the ordinary games in which the players control the movement of the characters with the keyboard, is an awesome multiplayer io game with a unique twist.

A retro mouse cursor is your tool to choose the path in You must navigate through lots of black and white mazes in order to find the green door which leads to the higher level. The cool part of the gameplay is that when your mouse cursor hits the wall of the mazes, you won't be able to move it any further, which means that the mouse represents your character. There will be multiple players who play at the same time to compete with you.

Abcya 4 put a different challenge on each level. For some hard ones, you might need to work together with other players in order to find the way out. Since there are many challenging levels that require a teamwork spirit, don't forget to help the others! Challenge your observation ability to escape the maze. Just like any mazes, there will be dead ends and sharp corners. Avoid the dead ends at all cost! How about more interesting Abcya games such as and Sushi Battle

Game controls:

Use your mouse to move, the left click to interact, use the hold shift and the left mouse button to draw your path.

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