Arm Fight

Arm Fight

Date added: 03/10/2018

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Are you a strong competitor in arm wrestling? If you are confident in your arm power, let's join the fight and crush the opponent's arms! This game is all about the ability to control the mouse and your flexibility during each match. abcya 5 online added a detailed tutorial to guide the new players and help them to master the basics of the game. In each match, you have to pass three stages to win. Are you ready to join the arm wrestling at

First, you need to follow the mark, which means moving the mouse to keep the white mark between the left and the right bar. This is one of the hardest tasks in the game since the mark will move constantly, therefore, you need to pay attention to catch up with it. The space between two marks is also very narrow, which makes it even harder. Second, when you progress further, the rage level will increase. There is a straight bar to the left of the screen which shows the amount of rage that you generate throughout the match.

After the opponent has become tired, you can click on the left mouse to release the rage level and finish the opponent in one last punch. Keep attacking with all of your power to knock out the opponent as fast as possible. More and more fighting games with unique themes and amazing graphics such as Super Bomb Bugs and Min Hero: Tower of Sages will guarantee the best playtime for you and your friends! Come and try it out now!

Game controls:

Interact with your left mouse.

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