7 Moves

7 Moves

Date added: 01/11/2017

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“An epic adventure 7 moves away!” The caves are filled with treasures of untold riches but you need exactly 7 moves to reach them. Will you be able to best the puzzles at abcya? 7 Moves is also available on iPhone! It features more than 3x more unique levels, artifacts, more achievements, more special tiles and most importantly,

Simple and enjoyable, yet short!

Graphically I enjoyed the style, everything seemed relatively easy to understand and I knew what I was doing, although I wasn't sure about the achievements popping up every so often

Sound was subtle, but not too subtle that it might ruin the game itself, so many abcya free games are ruined by terrible music choice that annoys people or makes them want to discontinue playing, this was just the right touch.

Gameplay was enjoyable, yet a little easy. I cannot consider myself very good at puzzle games, so for me to be able to do almost every single room on the first try was a little underwhelming - i'm sure this game may be getting some updates for its iPhone counterpart, but as it stands, the length of the abcya game was the biggest let down for me. Still a solid game nonetheless.



Game controls:

Arrow Keys / WASD: Walk around
Enter: Yes / OK / Done
Escape: Pause / Resume / No
R Key: Restart Level

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